kryon St. Louis August 20, 2016 Rewriting The Past

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kryon St. Louis August 20, 2016 Rewriting The Past

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kryon St. Louis August 20, 2016 mini

Rewriting The Past
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Greetings dear ones, I’m Kryon of Magnetic Service

This morning we ask you to feel the wind of truth. It’s a metaphor. When you fell the wind blows often in a gentle way that’s refreshing. That’s the way the truth is of the shift. You’re looking at new energies that you’ve never had before presented to you in different ways. Years ago we spoke of recalibration the energy you have passed through that and now comes the work. So many of you have asked this very day “What’s next?” “What should I do” was possible because this is new dear ones the manual for what’s next hasn’t been written. But there are things we can ask you to do. That are so able to be done. And it has to be done by also. Now this is the overview, this is the generality that I’m giving you. That’s not a specific. Let’s talk about the specific first which is backwards.

You ask: what you’re going to do next? What is supposed to do? What is that which is in the plan for you? And almost all, we said to you, you’re all unique. So it may be different reach of you but there is one thing that we’re going to start asking for. You’ll be hearing it more and more. Old soul in a new energy, things are going to come to you. Watch for the synchronicity, don’t pass it up. When you hear ideas, when you meet people. When somebody says, let’s go over here and do something new that you’ve never done it before, that is synchronicity.

And the second thing we would say to you is that in the synchronicity we will meet see it for what it is because that you should do. What brought you here to this room for those of you sitting here, what’s the synchronicity. Not all of you said oh, yes, I’m going to go to this meeting, let’s buy ticket now. In fact that is lot of you that did not happen at all. And here you sit to hear these messages. Messages of hope of truth. Can you feel the wind blowing? Things are changing, dear ones. And the second, large things we’ve asked you individually is to be patient. Human beings when they start feeling the energies and realise the aha of truth are so excited and they want to act now. It’s almost like you gonna run out of time and you’re not. Be patient. Let the things develop as they come to you. You’ll know what to do with them. We told you over and over and time to start practicing mastery to treat others differently, all of these things. That what’s you’re here for.

We said before those of you who are sitting around expecting a plan. What am I supposed to do? And we’ve said before, what if you are already doing it? What if you’re very existence, anchors energy for those around you. What if you’re playing a part, you don’t even know you’re playing, simply by being you around others who are watching you? What if that’s why you’re here? You realise the importance of that. Who you’re touching. And who you’re changing. So it’s not like you think. It’s not a linear “what am I to do”. And yet, I’m going to ask you for something now. All of you. All of those listening to my voice, all of those in the room. There really is something you can do. My partner touched on in energy. You might call it “scenario”. That is going on right now on this planet. The very thing I’m going to discuss, is something that is holding you back from the evolution that we speak of, from the wild cards, that are coming, from the inventions we told you, you need. The things that are being developed and are ready right now are being held up by what I’m going to tell you.

It’s very real that my partner was telling you. That most of the planet is still in expectation of Doom mode. Most. Wherever you go there is this feeling. Of what you have called “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. You’re overdo to Doom. You’re overdue for the World War that was given to you as prediction after prediction after prediction. It is so on everything around you says it changed. Everything. If you’ll take a look at the wars what you had, the last World War and the one before, take a look at who the players were. Now take a look at what they’re doing. They dropped their boarders, they’re trading with one another. The scenario for the next war is not there. And yet you expect it. Take a look at all that is around you. It is not been yelling at you, you’re going to have a war. There is so much more that’s giving you the evidence. That not what’s going to happen at all. And why is that you feel like it’s coming? Now those who listen to my voice, old souls. Those in a room, old souls. You are awakening to a grander truth for the planet. A truth it doesn’t just belong to a niche amount of believers, it’s for the whole planet. Therefore I’m telling you that something that involves the whole planet. But the old souls are the graduates. You have most of the experience. You have profound consciousness that can change energy.
World is expecting Doom. The books that have been written about the fractals tell you about the ripples of time that repeat themselves. That yell to you and that’s going to be problems, there is going to be war. That yelled to you, your economy is going to collapse in any moment. They are seeds of truth and the ripples.

Let me tell you something, perhaps you figure out or not. The ripples of an old energy are dangerous to you. Dangerous. Because of not human beings bying to the old energy because it’s gonna slop its down, and some of them will occur. Now what I’m going to ask you to do. I want you to distort spreading the world everybody that you know. Who would ask you, who would mention it. In idle passing or not. Shape your words for a good future. Don’t buy into this, don’t be persuaded that’s something awful has to occur. Do you want the prophecies has coming gone. You are in the clear. But the ripple are still there of the old energy. We knew here those becoming. You can tell them this, “whatever didn’t happen we’ve got a good future in hand”. They’ll start you giving a chapter inverse of the old energy. They’ll tell you what is happened and therefore and therefore. They pull a politics of the day into it. They say “and therefor and therefore”. And you have to convince them, all you have to do is show them you don’t agree. And loving their way, you can say, I don’t think so, I think something good is coming. Old souls are carrying wait. You carry with your family, with your children, with your friends, with you colleagues. And the way you carry is because of who you are who they see in you. Are you a person who is slow to anger, who is quick to love? Are you a person who is not show your ages match? Are you a person who has more energy than you should for your age? Are you a person that they look at and they said ‘I don’t know what your God but I like it’? They’re going to listen to you, also. Anyone, who listens to my voice, I’m going to call it the name, I want you do re-write the past. The old ripples of time that’s said that you overdo for something that’s written in an old energy. You are rewriting that energy. You have seen the prophecies upon old the time drop way. The Maya calendar told you that old history and time was over. The calendar that was put up by the Maya says the history is going to go in to a place nobody expected. That a new long count is here. And the human consciousness can go unto any valved state. Higher than it’s ever been. Where is that realization. I tell you that only with the wise ones. And that’s you. You come to a meeting like this you get excited because of here the fax. You see the physics, you hear the predictions, you walk up the door and you know, absolutely know, the things are different and a shift is here. And there’s a chance that humanity will pull out of this faster than you know. That’s the first thing we’re asking to do.

But to second thing well, the maybe backwards do ones. I do that a lot. Even the logic is in a circle. One thing leads to another, one thing builds on another. There are those listening to my voice who still don’t believe it. How are you going to leave it away that’s going to tell others to expect good thing are coming? How are you are going to rewrite this past if you haven’t really cognized it? If you don’t believe it? You tell the pry shouldn’t be the first thing. Now I give you the most profound thing first. You’re going to have the change past. You’re going to void the ripple. And that can only be done by high consciousness groups of individuals who are spreading the world in their own way of a bright future of the planet of better consciousness. You are going to have cognised it. You are going to believing in yourself. You are going to have to know it’s different. It’s going to be your truth. So strong if it has to be competes with your belief’s system like whether gravity is real or not. When you drop something whether it falls on the flour or not. It’s a how cognising works. It has to be part of yourselves, of your structure. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to carry humanity into a brighter future and avoid out those ripples, those old energy. Things we’are felt coming in are still here. Are you still expecting determinate?

Kryon, what would we do about it? What if we just wait if they go away? But does not what you want, isn’t it? Generation after generation will eventually clear the ripples. You’ve already started to see if you’re in the goes. Do not buy into the old energy system. One of those things that are not buying into is ripples. Are you going to wait for another generation, another and, perhaps, another? Before you can move forward? Or are you are going to start getting active? Kryon, I don’t really understand what I’m supposed to do? Was it shouted from the roof up? I tell you what you’re supposed to do. You watch. Because suddenly in your life you will have synchronicity to open your mouth. It’ll come from very resources when you remember this moment. And you smile because you say “Here it is”. Somebody will say to you “Do you belive the election? Do you believe what’s going on here? Do you believe who bad this old energy is?” What do you say normally? Yeah, it’s bad. I see it. Or, do you say “I recognized it and you know what, the next one is going to be different”. Things are changing. It’s going to be better. You just wait. You say what do you want. How many people will take that and repeated. You see what you’ve done? At every single time you get the synchronicity to state the bright future. How many times that people complaint to you? Or saw you are the listener. And you are. And they come to you and they say, thing are not going well, what do you say? Watch and come out immediately, that’s today, just wait for tomorrow. And if you do this and if you believe this and if you then find the garden side, perhaps, find the joy and just state in, that humanity is headed for the brighter future, it will go faster if you do that. Can you believe it? Can you believe it before the passed on?

This is the first time I’ve approached this. That now your job gets harder. You called yourself a light worker, turn on the light. You are going to find moment after, moment after moment, presenting to you, you didn’t even recognize what you re saying or doing. Or you can turn it around and benevolent that way, not argumentative. And you can say “Yes, I’ve seen the election. Is it interesting? It’s going to be something different next time. And after that even next time.” You can say “Isn’t interesting to watch and see the old energy? We never saw before. And now we can start cleaning it up”. People will walk away, say either that’s a wise old cheerful person even you’re a few young. Or they say “that’s a Pollyanna”. And they walk away and do whatever they wish, it doesn’t matter what with that deer once what you do with it. Can you turn thing around? So that you are the positive speaker? A positive speaker.

Number three. The final. We use three because this is the catalyst. This is going to be the catalyst. If enough old souls doing this regularly, it’s going to be obvious to many. What’s going on with them? They’re not echoing anymore, the drama, that’s here. They’re not agreeing anymore, that the old energy is here. Instead all there seems like the third thing. How do I tell you this? You’ve heard it before. This won’t be work, if you fall in love with yourself, this won’t be work, if you fall in love yourself. If you will and with a cheerful person, it’s contagious, it isn’t? If you’re with person who joy and laughter it’s contagious, isn’t it. Who are you. Now you’re going to see I just went backwards on everything. Should have been the first I said fall in love with yourself cog knives it’s real and spread the world. I did it backwards. I want you to think about the circle of time you’re in the fact. That’s why it is the way it is. Thecircle of time is created the belief that people have, the doom is coming. The new energy that was predicted all over the planet is here and yet the old energy circle still exists in the psyche of those who have experienced at all their life. Enter the old soul with joy, with love, with the countenance that is smiling countenance not a depressed one. Are you listening some of you need to hear this ? You’re so concerned with the earth and what’s happeneing that you walk around depressed. May I just tell you your depression is not helping anyone. Even you. You could be as concerned as you you want to. You can frown all day long and you haven’t a helped a soul. Are you listening.

God is joyful and and the things that you’re worry about will be faster settled if you spread the world of joy. That’s all we’re asking. Change your countenance, watch for the synchronicities and in every single point if you can give a positive outcome not an agreed on negative one. All it’s easy to do. To listen to somebody complaint and say “yaeh, it’s way it is”. And then you move on. How many times you do that? You might think was none of my business I don’t want to start an argument. You’re not, dear ones. Would use the state the obvious, my truth is that were climbing out of this. May not look like it Don’t watch the news anymore, you can tell them. Because all you’re going to see his ugly stuff is going to lay on you and heart your heart. Turn it off and create the reality the third this earth needs. It’s getting better not worse now.

Those who turn away and not believe you and then there are those who will start understanding what you saying – they may even come and listen. To the facts that were presented even this day that you want necessarily see on your news. That this planet is going through a recalibration and starting to correct things that need correcting. And slowly the integrity of humanity is one that no longer wants war. Want you to analyse how many countries are there on the planet, how many are actually fighting with what everybody else. It’s a fraction of what it was 50 years ago. Fraction. There’s really only about three or four holdouts today that have dictators would willingly invade another country. That’s old energy, dear ones, that is not what’s going to happen. Take a look at the reaction of the country’s to this. Take a look at what humanity in general is after and trying to do. Putting things together not tearing them apart, not circling the wagons and competeng the resources anymore. Trying to put in together make it work. You’ve been doing this now, long enough now. That you can see it’s not the way it’s used to be. Tell your friends. This is what the old souls is about today. It’s not going to be that hard when you believe it. You walk around with a smile and joyful. People ask, what have you got, what are you doing, why are you smiling so much? And you can say, because things are getting better. Thery’re getting better in my life because I’ve discovered there’s the shift going on. This isn’t going to avoid out somebody’s belief system or religion for you to say the future is going to get better. The prophecies of the although, they didn’t happen. They’re not common, they didn’t happen. All the time lines that were given to you, including the end of time, when the Mayans, is not what took the place. Instead things are starting to improve.

That’s the message.

You’ll see because the synchronicity will be given to you to comment more than you think. And then my advice is that comment in love, enjoy, not in opposition. There’s a difference. You can hold them to youy bosom as frinds, as mates, and at the same time you could give them beautiful information without making them wrong. Because you’re giving it enjoy with a smile. I believe things are going to approve. That’s the predictions of Ancients we passed the corner. It’s tough time right now. You’re seeing a lot of opposition to light. And I have the light. What a joyful loving answer, not an opposing proposition, not an opinion that’s different. It’s just a statement of power. Old soul, you know how to do this. You’ve been there and done that. You know human nature. Fall in love with yourself. Start to change the countenance of joy. Cognise the truth that things are happening differently and then cancel this ripple of doom.

If you can cancel the ripple or even make a dent in it I will tell you the speed of what is going to take place will quicken. The fewer people who expect the end will create a far faster evolution of consciousness on this planet. But those ripples of doom that are not going to happen that people still sence have got to go away or be erased or at least diminished. Before some of the things that I know are coming will arrive, you have a bright future. Wait till you see the next wildcard. It’s not coming until the planet is clear of expecting the end. There are some movies being being developed that may surprise you. Because the Indigo’s are young enough to be writing the script. There will be some of hope. There will be some that a rewriting the past and reminding those in the story of a things do not happen. Will be those who are brave enough to paint the future. And something they didn’t expect that would be good. Watch for this. It’s just now beginning to happen. Watch for linear literature that changes with writers who are now writing about a kinder softer future. What is at hand that might work. Watch for exciting stories even science fiction about a bright future. Watch for stories about meeting benevolent aliens that might actually help the planet. And the drama that would ensue around it at those who might not believe them.

It’s all part of avoiding the ripples of doom. And it can advance your evolution by generations. Do ypu accept the task? This is the old soul I’m hearing it all over the planet. It’s not going to be that hard if you see the truth and the light that is there. I’m crying in love in humanity for obvious reasons. I’ll say it again, I have seen this have seen this before. It’s in your car wash on another planet. It’s starting to reoccur, starting to come back to you. You’re starting to feel better about it. At the same time you understand God is inside you. You have helped, you are not doing this alone and you’ll see it. You’ll see it. That’s enough for now.