January 9-10, 2016 Boulder Связь с Духом-Чего вы не знаете

Ченнелинги Крайона без перевода
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January 9-10, 2016 Boulder Связь с Духом-Чего вы не знаете

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January 9 2016 mini

January 10, 2016 mini

January 9 2016 What You Don't Know
"Чего вы не знаете"

January 10, 2016 Communications w/Spirit
"Связь с Духом"
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Re: January 9-10, 2016 Boulder Связь с Духом-Чего вы не знае

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русский перевод ченнелингов за 10 января здесь
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Re: January 9-10, 2016 Boulder Связь с Духом-Чего вы не знае

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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There are those who continue to say that channelling is an odd thing. It doesn't fit into that which you have learned might be truth. So it begs the question to be asked, "What is the truth and what is real?"

I'm the magnetic master. I met my partner on this planet through his free choice 26 years ago. Many times he has told you about this story of how we met and about his reluctance to believe that I was real. He may have told you about the first time when he was alone in the dark and when he sat in the chair for the first time and said, "If you are there, then show me!" In that moment, his countenance, his brain, his heart and his pineal were all synchronized and asking for a sign. The engineer wasn't a believer, but he voiced an interest to "know".

This gave permission for me to come into his perception, but what he got he didn't expect. For when he "sat in the chair", he wept. It was emotion that welled up within him and tears came down his cheeks and he immediately bounced out of the chair! He was angry! He didn't like it! "It was a form of control," he said. He had not asked to feel any emotion, but it had to be that way. So he did it again, and again, and the reason is because the engineer, the pseudo-scientist in him, got a cause and effect relationship that he could not explain - so he did it again. There were no words, no messages, no advice, only emotion. Dear ones, this is when his heart lit up and when he connected to that which was his real persona. This is when we were able to get out of his head and look to his heart. It took years for him to understand what was happening and to be comfortable with it, and finally realize it was supposed to be shared with you.

My partner tells people that "God got bigger" than anything he had ever been told. He began to use terms like, "The Master Physicist of the Universe is God". He realized that the more you learn about science, the more you learn about the Creator, and that there is no separation between physics and spirituality. It is men and women, with their free choice and logic, who choose to separate themselves from the majesty of God.

So here we are, examining what might be truth and reality. Those listening are either believing or not that this might be a real message and they are still inquisitive about who I am. What if I'm part of you? What if the "you" sitting there [yourself] is bigger than you were told? The singularity of your bias says that I must be a singular entity, far away, and perhaps odd. There are those who want to draw me, put skin and wings on me, give me a name, make me an angel, and make me singular. I'm "one thing" because you believe you're "one thing" even though in reality, you're not - hardly. If you could see the essence of what you call "your soul", you would realize that there are multiples within multiples of YOU, because God is not singular. That which you call God is not "one thing". That which you see as the creative source is not singular and "one thing". It is a soup of divine energy and benevolent love in a system of quantumness that cannot be quantified or qualified. It is the essence of all that is, and that's who you are as well! The disguise you have is the perception in 3D that you're singular.

You wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror and that's the one face you see for all those years, and it's a joke. It's a limited dimensional trick. You are so much bigger than this! However, for this test, dear ones, and for this planetary experience, dear ones, it must be this way. Even though there is this veil of 3D, many of you are starting to see a bigger truth. The bigger the truth becomes, the more benevolent and beautiful it is. I've never given you a message that was anything but congratulatory - a beautiful message of love for you, for what you're doing on the planet, for where you've been and what you've become and where you've come from.

I've never given you a judgmental message or told you that you must be someone else or be somewhere. I've just said that with free choice, there is a wonderful, esoteric toolbox available to you, that if opened would change your life. I could start listing the tools that we've talked about for years, but the greatest of them is the ability to sense love; the ability to be slow to anger; the ability to change that which you call Human nature ; the ability to heal yourself; and the ability to stay on this planet in this life, beyond the expected time.

In these last two days, you've heard the scientist tell you the same things that we have been teaching for years. We told you years ago that your climate change was cyclical. We told you that warming precedes cooling in known cycles and you heard the science of it today. We told you that you didn't create the current change, and now you've heard the science telling you the same thing [referring to the presentation by scientist Gregg Braden earlier in the day]. The study of the science behind all this is simply the study of systems from the creative source [God].

The cycles have been created for a reason, and the reasoning behind the cyclical energies of this planet, of your life, of the biology and the economics, is all there as part of a renewable group of systems of planetary life and health. These are cycles you can measure and predict, so you can see them and be comfortable with the changes. You can realize it and say, "Here it comes again", and then you can prepare, or do with it what you wish. Then the changes are not a shock, not a surprise, and we've told you that.

But in this case, here you sit in an energy that is new, where you've never experienced it before, ever. The civilization that you call Earth is poised on the brink of choice, but it isn't one that is happening instantly. Parts of your societies have been working with it for 50 years. The dispensations of energy shift and cycles occupy decades of time. They are not a "flash in the pan", as you say, and many of you have been involved in that which we would call planetary spirituality awakening for a very long time. It's like a pre-cursor to the major event. It was a potential even 50 years ago, and now it has manifest.

God is inside! You are God and part of the system. We have told you this beautiful information from the beginning. Isn't it wonderful to know that you do not have some entity in the sky that is going to judge you? Instead, life is part of a love scenario that you have set up and created for yourselves. The system is benevolent and will continue to be, but there's something happening. You see, as the energy starts to shift on the planet that lets you become more aware of these things which have been taught this weekend, communications from the other side of the veil also starts to shift in its methodology.

Consciousness Starts to Grow Up

This morning in a short channelling.* We gave the example of parenting methods with an eight year old, as opposed to a 19 year old. This was done so you would realize that just as your consciousness shifts from child to young adult, it has the same potentials with general Human nature. Messages from the creative source to humanity, mainly through old souls, start to look different and feel different and be more advanced. That's frightening to some, since it represents change.

An Example and Review

Some time ago, we gave you advice about communications with Spirit. We told you that Humans and Spirit [God] communicate using different time paradigms. The perception of timing between us is not the same. There's no time in a quantum state. It's hard for you to imagine, but time belongs to you. It's not our reality. Our time is in a circle. If you want a hint of this in your world, take a look at the quantum energies that are being discovered regarding time, and you will see that a three-dimensional outlook is very rigid, boxed and segmented. But as soon as you get out of three dimensions, you don't go to four, five, six or seven. You go to all! After 4D, physics becomes multidimensional. It can't be numbered as five, six or seven, because then you would still be counting in a linear system. You'd still be in three [3D]. Yes, it's confusing and that's why in 3D you still number them, even though there is no such thing as "the fifth dimension". But it helps you, because of your perception of time and steps.

Messages From Spirit

However, if you understand this, then you realize why you must think differently when some of you get messages from Spirit that tell you that you belong in another city [as an example]. So move there, and things will happen for you. But many of you jump up, sell everything and move - then nothing happens! This is a review, and we've told this to you many, many times. My partner teaches this and the phrase he uses is this one: "Who told you to do it now?" Spirit will reveal things that are potentials for you long before they actuate in your 3D. These messages are guidance for you for the future. Feel the timing and be wise. Move when you feel that it's correct to move. Now, this is free will, but with a little push. It wouldn't be free will if Spirit said get up and move! So when you get these messages, be circumspect and understand that you have been given a beautiful, beautiful message that represents potentially more for you in another place. Then understand and look around and feel the timing. Use that which is your intuitive power and the tools that you are discovering to know when to go.

That was a review of things we have said in the past, but there's more, dear ones. There's a lot more, because things are starting to shift and change and because Human Beings think a certain way and react a certain way, and you need to know about what is different in this energy.

When you learned to read, you had reading primer. Some of you remember this book, and as the neurons connected and came together in your body and the language became yours, you recognized the letters and the words and you started to read. The primer was the tool that was used and for your consciousness, within your society, it worked. Now I want to ask you something: Where is that primer today? Are you carrying it with you? And the answer is no, of course not. This is because everything it contained got absorbed into that which you call your intellect, and into that which is your cellular knowledge and structure. Now you simply read.

Visions, Messages and Esoteric Gifts

I want you to start applying this to the way Spirit works with you. How would we show an unbeliever something that is beyond what they expected? Normally, it's with visions or dreams. Then the person has free will to look at it or not. It sparks interest.

Let's say you have a dream, or a very, very powerful feeling about something. In this dream, you are shown something new and the neurons start connecting and you start understanding that there is more to life than you had been taught. You realize you are actually having valid visions! Slowly you realize that these things are being shown to you to help you. You think it's a gift and you celebrate it. "Isn't God great? Look, I've got messages coming to me on a regular basis." Then, suddenly, it stops.

When an esoteric gift leaves, what do Humans normally do? They usually go into a dark room and say, "Dear God, what did I do wrong? It stopped." The first impression is that the Human failed! Did you ever think that perhaps it might be the other way around? Over time, and many visions and dreams, there has been a connection made that's permanent. You don't need the visions anymore because now they're intuitive and inside you. Now you're going to walk the planet having the knowledge that used to come to you with the primer - the vision! What about that? You graduated. So for those of you who wonder if you lost it, consider this: What if you graduated instead?

You see, it's not what you think. Some of the emotions and early feelings that brought you here, which you loved, have changed now that you're walking with Spirit differently. It's inside you! You know the truth, and you don't need those simplistic things anymore to take you to a place of euphoria or mature peace. You don't need the simplistic crutch anymore to get intuitive thoughts. Instead, you're asked to generate them on your own. The same feeling and emotions you had in the dream are being taken care of within you. You can do this yourself. You're on your own, because you are a piece of the creative source that is graduating into a higher consciousness. Could I make it any clearer? That's just one thing.

It Doesn't All Happen at Once

There are other things we've never spoken of. You make an assumption that things are linear and singular, since that is how things are around you. We have spoken about being an awakened soul. Dear ones, understand that there's more than what you've been told about things beyond your reality. When you make a connection to your spiritual core, it is very personal. You are a piece of the creative source and you become alert and awakened to other potentials and the incredible love of a personal God. You realize you are part of everything.

The weekend that you have just passed through contained profound teaching about cycles [speaking to the attendees, who experienced the teachings of the scientist Gregg Braden], If you paid attention, you saw that the many cycles of life are unique to the paradigm of what you were looking at. There are Earth cycles, personal spiritual cycles, weather cycles, economic cycles and even a personal cycle for your life based on experiences you have had. Yet somehow, some way, there's the idea that if you awaken to Spirit, everything is going to come together at once. Dear ones, it doesn't work that way. Opening to esoteric energies requires practice and time for wisdom to develop.

Many awakened souls are troubled. "Dear Spirit, I've discovered you! I know you're there and I can feel the love! I'm awake, I'm awake, I'm awake! God is great, and I'm living my truth. Thank you for giving me such peace about myself and my life. But why are these things happening in my body? Why can't I shake this habit? Why can't I get the job you said I could? I believe in you." Then comes the Human bias: Once again you go into a dark room when nobody is looking and say, "What did I do wrong?"

How much patience do you have with this process, dear ones? All things happen as they should within the cycles that you set up through your very awakening. It's a beautiful design, the right time at the right place, and if you have some things too soon or too late, the system wouldn't work. Did you know that you're actually in control of this, and that the more you understand about these waves and cycles and the timing of them in your situation, the more you can relax and say, "Thank you. I know it's coming"?

There are those in the room who have been waiting for the healing they have asked for. We know who you are. Do you know it's coming and it's going to come appropriately when the time is right? Today there are eight people in this room who need to drop a habit in order to live longer. You know who I'm talking to. Perhaps you have said, "Well, I've tried and it doesn't work." Maybe there's special timing connected with it. Have you looked at this? Have you listened today? Have you looked at the cycles of your life and realized there are times where it's more appropriate for you to change or where it might be easier to make a change? Do you understand why there's energy in astronomy and numerology? It's because these things around you are part of you and help with your timing and the cycles.

Years ago, we told you that the magnetic grid of Earth is part of your consciousness. Your science has shown you that it reacts to your consciousness and you are affected by it. The magnetic grid of the sun is part of all of this [the heliosphere of the sun], since it affects the grid, too. That means that the solar system is connected to you and your consciousness. No wonder astrology works. Have you thought about it? There are cycles for you to look at! Have you really looked into these kinds of things so you can understand that there might be a more appropriate time that's better for you to heal?

Patience with the Cycles

Some of you have been trying to get ahead for so long and trying to get out of the non-abundance cycle. Did you notice that it's hard to actually move forward in this? One thing happens and voids another. So you worry about it and it then becomes part of a fear scenario. What makes this worse is the fact that you haven't understood that it comes in waves, so again you are frustrated. The fear creates a disconnection with Spirit, and it's difficult for you.

Dear ones, not everything comes together right away. One of the things that you have to understand it that an awakening happens first. This creates a spiritual path for you that will mature with time. The maturity then creates a connection that allows you to see things that are happening and to see them in your future. It allows wisdom to move forward correctly. You assume things along the way, then realize that Spirit may have something better! One thing leads to another, and over time you graduate into something where things start falling into place. Then it begins, and you find yourself at the right time at the right place, crawling out of those habits that you had, or the abundance issues that you had.

Some of you have said in retrospect, "Well, it took long enough!" However, you are not realizing that it was perfectly timed. Did you think it was punishment, waiting so long? Did you think you were not worthy? If so, you have absorbed the linear teaching of other spiritual systems around the planet that tell you basically you are worthless in front of God - born dirty. Are you in this box?

How many of you have given up? "Well, I got part of this right, but I don't know about the other part. It's not happening." Perhaps you are not understanding that it's still coming and still in your future? When is "too long" to wait? What are you doing during the waiting? Are you tapping your toe and saying, "Any time now, Spirit." Is there an irritation? Maybe there's even anger at not understanding why it's taking so long.

Let me give you a hint and a secret: Many of you are blocking the creation of what you're asking for with your impatience, fear and even your anger at God. You're blocking the creation of it. [Gasp!] The timing may have come and gone! Oh, don't worry, there'll be another cycle. So, are you going to tap your toe through that cycle as well? It's time for the affirmations. With maturity and grace, see it as accomplished in your mind, in your future, and celebrate being abundant and healthy. See yourself having the situations that you have asked for because, dear ones, we want you to stay here.

You are a creator of reality, but you can't do it with 3D paradigms. You can't do it like you were raised thinking you could. You can't do it with discipline and punishment and all the things that you were taught are God's ways. It doesn't work that way. Does this surprise you? Dear ones, this is more complex than you think and yet it's so simple. As you awaken and discover compassion and love for yourself, you can then generate it for others. I've said it before. You've got to love yourself first! That is where the compassion starts to be generated, which is so pure. It's what you saw in the masters. That's why people will then be attracted to you. Balance and wisdom show. You radiate this. This is how you change the planet. It's compassion and it changes the environment around you.

New Energy, New Tools, New Power

Things are changing. There was a time where we told you that you could talk to your innate [talking to you cells] and do it silently. We told you to do it once or twice, and innate would hear it. Those were the old days, because suddenly speaking out loud holds master energy! It's your own voice, spoken into the atmosphere around you, coming back into your ears with your own consciousness, hearing yourself saying something that has more power than it ever has in the history of the planet! With the energy shift, with the magnetic shift, with all the things we've talked about, a new paradigm is here that gives you so much more power with your own body.

Speak your truth out loud and affirm things that you believe are within your potential. They become reality, and the more you affirm them to yourself, the more real they will become. Did you know that you have the power to adjust your own cycle? Repeat your affirmations every day. I dare you! [Laughter] Because you're going to feel it happening, and you're going to know I'm right. It's like exercising energy. The more you hear it, the more you say it, the more the neurons will come together and create it. Do you understand this? You cognize things and they become you. It's a circle - you with you - and it's never been more powerful. This is different. This is different from when I talked to you when I came in 1987, different even from 10 years ago. You've earned it.

Dear ones, we're giving you this information not because you're doing anything wrong, but because we want to advance this new energy, which is so available for you right now. I want you to leave this place differently than you came.

And so it is.
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    Re: January 9-10, 2016 Boulder Связь с Духом-Чего вы не знае

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    Kryon "What You Don't Know" Mini Channelling, Dr. Amber Wolf meditation, Boulder, Colorado, Saturday, January 9, 2016

    (этот текст - английские автоматически созданные титры - помощь для переводчиков)
    just let the energy in your body from the top to the center down your legs and
    into the floor and feel the floor beneath your feet are beautiful diet
    here in Boulder Colorado supporting you supporting us to bend supporting your
    heart like a beautiful foundation from the bottom up and feel her energy coming
    up through your feet just making a field of love around your heart center
    arresting you from the inside saying hello saying yes you are loved and just
    let yourself relax into that it's always there
    from the inside to the outside feel the energy in the room and how its shift and
    changed just in a brief time we've been in here this morning and that's a
    reflection of you and her affection of the entourage of crime here to honor you
    to share your experience your humanity and your journey
    Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. is always a brief pause
    my partner and all that is in that which is human steps aside literally as much
    as possible to allow me to speak as I do and yet at the same time the language
    has to be used the intellect has to be used all of the things that the human
    has learned and is about is present and yet that would she is my partner let you
    know as the personality is not he steps aside is taking years for him to know
    and learn to do this where there was fear and the fear was about change it
    was about the loss of control it was about perception all of the things whose
    we're teaching today dear ones this weekend is about perception not just
    your perception of what might be happening in this chair do you believe
    it or not is it the man speaking or not but the perception of your reality of
    what might be happening in your life what might be happening on the planning
    because all of these perceptions are based upon only one you know
    my partner came into this planet
    well he wanted to do is what he ended up doing is logic was everything the hermit
    in him was alive and well and shaped what he did and why he did it is social
    interactions based upon his car maker attributes all that you are
    he was for the reasons you are you he was and not included any kind of
    spiritual recognition or attributes that there was anything more than that beauty
    of science of the logical that was his world and his joy it was his music and
    when he started to see those who had another kind of music and when he
    started to see those who had their own system of self-worth and belief that
    revolved around intangible things that couldn't be proved that seem to be
    outside of a reality almost to insanity he rejected it he wasn't real
    in fact there then is the judgment is there no judgment that says I'm sorry
    for you that your mind has gone in that direction because you do understand you
    live in a land that is not you live in a world and you're heading out onto things
    that don't exist
    dialogic show me that proved give me the science behind why you have joy on
    something you can't see
    the reasoning here where I'm going with this is logical and you're going to hear
    it in the message I'm gonna give you tonight I'm gonna say it again and again
    a fool does not know there are four you don't know what you don't know if you
    have not experienced something you don't know anything about it really
    you only have the perception of what you've been told of what your
    instructors have said or your parents have said or the people who you love
    have said and those are the things that you based upon yourself that become you
    so therefore there may be things there but they're outside of the box that is
    comfortable for you to just survive in this weekend how much they dissolve the
    box I know who is here and in the most loving way I say I know who is here
    because you were all or part of the creative source inside of each one of
    you is what we would call the creator that would you call God if you wish is
    in your DNA is complicated chemically and extremely profoundly complicated
    esoteric Lee there are things in your DNA that you cannot see you cannot
    measure with elementary ways you measure things today
    imagine imagine a society that can't even measure physics correctly imagine
    you so proud of it
    you don't even have anything it can see a quantum field in your DNA is a quantum
    listed is so profound so beautiful in that what you would call your Merkaba
    there are patterns that will reveal God inside you
    medical injuries readers can see it a piece of a portion of it and they can
    look at you and some level c gotten you some of them were speechless and you
    walk around having no idea BC I know who you are my partner keeps his eye shut
    because those few times he's opened them he got to see what I see and it was not
    comfortable and you haven't been there has been no proof I know who's here I
    know who doubts in the room that this is real as I speak I know there was who's
    come to see the science and not the esoteric family let me tell you
    the box that you think is real for these two days can be dissolved and if you
    want to you can put it right back when you leave there is no judgment if you'll
    allow things you don't believe and were never taught to be put forward examined
    logically today for sale
    maybe just maybe there's physics that I don't know about their energy I don't
    know about there are cycles I didn't know there are things I am never ever
    been talking could it be the entire planet sits in the beginning of a cycle
    summer you know some of you feel it let me tell you something you're done
    recalibrating now you go to work this is the year of the three a catalytic year
    or a catalyst is that which energies profoundly affect and develop other
    energy if you'll allow it but cyclically it's a it's a nine and that is to say
    that the cycle is complete a new one is beginning we're going to tell you more
    about that later but the light worker in the room who is aware that they are
    indeed a piece of the creator know that something is up
    it starts now things are coming to a close
    which you wanted to come to a close now I'm speaking to seventeen people in this
    room who needed to hear that about your health I know who's here
    done with you prayed for you asked for it
    you've given affirmations for it and I'm asking you right now aren't you done
    with it
    yet and the answer is we have and other words there is the potential this
    weekend the word is potential and I want you to listen carefully to that word
    because that's going to be on your lips when you leave on Sunday night is the
    potential in here for profound healing a closure of an older energy in a body
    that doesn't need it in this energy no matter what your DNA was it doesn't have
    to be that way no matter what your predispositions for disease were they
    don't have to be it now it is a new energy that is so profound for those who
    are awakening to who they really might be that they could change everything my
    mother had her mother headed her mother had it so therefore therefore therefore
    what you're in a prison of your own belief right now you got it you know who
    I'm talking to talking to everyone here but specifically a few there is no
    predisposition for disease that cannot be overcome with a predisposition for
    love and joy and change did you hear that you are now in a position where
    changing your reality will be common daily get to work well i'm too old to
    write a book i'm too old to be a teacher
    listen to seniors in the room they know what I'm talking about the very fact
    that you've lived this long on the planet
    gives you an advantage you know you've been there done that and you know that
    the joy that you spread as you walk matter how old you are
    stays where you walked to bury footprints yes read what you have
    through the compassionate you give to the understanding of who you are do the
    ordering of those who've been before through the ancients of the ancestors it
    all comes alive and you realize that there's so much there never was there
    before and that awareness is catchy people start asking you what have you
    got your peaceful around this peaceful they say everyone's upset turn on the TV
    everybody's upset what kind of society would give you entertainment programs
    are box upset people so you can watch others be upset to make you feel really
    good about it should smack in the face as being inappropriate old energy and it
    is it's not going to be the way the future and that's what the teaching is
    today and tomorrow the cycles of the planet the cycles of life two cycles of
    use our pioneer with a society of humanism of free choice you can ignore
    it rejected and go just with what you know you can be as my partner was most
    of his life in his mid-forties are you so proud to stand up and say what I've
    experienced must be everything there is and I will not go anywhere past debt
    I know is true and real everything beyond it is foolish and now he's a
    fraud as he sits in the chair and I come through him and he lets me tell you that
    things are saturated with compassion and a reality that we're inviting you to see
    beyond your box that is the message today enjoy your break
    and so it is
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    Re: January 9-10, 2016 Boulder Связь с Духом-Чего вы не знаете

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    Благодарю!!! До, слёз !!! Читала и слёзы радости катились, от осознания, что я пришла к Богу- к Себе !) Месяц назад я осознала, что Бог во мне и в своих размышлениях пришла к выводу, что Дух, это и есть Бог во мне.) Хотелось бы узнать о связи Духа м Душой... Может и найду здесь ответ, а то не с кем поговорить на эту тему.
    Благ, за эту статью и перевод! И то,что я прочла, является подтверждением от Бога, что он слышит мои вопросы и приводит к ответам
    ... Это укрепило моё понимание,как нужно взаимодействовать с Духом.) И понимаю, что мой Путь целительства и других Даров, только раскрывается...)
    И про сны , нашла ответ, а я то думала, почему уже года 3-4 они практически перестали запоминается...)) Только, вот пару месяцев назад,так я себе разрешила запоминать нужные, для пользы и иногда стали помниться!) Вот бы ещё встретиться с единомышленниками в моей жизни , где я живу...) :love: