Lemurian Choir Rehearsal Seminar

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Lemurian Choir Rehearsal Seminar

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through Lee Carroll

Lemurian Choir Rehearsal Seminar
Sedona, Arizona
June 14, 2011

Lee Carroll intro:

Well, this is one of the things I look forward to most... this particular event, because nowhere else does Kryon have "permission" to become technical. Normally, people will come to a Kryon seminar, then arrive here, spending the whole weekend, and enjoy the theme, which was compassion… finding that piece of God inside yourself. But that’s just one layer of what I do with Kryon, and the other involves physics.

I never really studied physics and now I know why: because it probably would have gotten in the way of what I do today. This is because it would have created barriers of disbelief. So it’s fun to be part of this in such a profound way. By now, I also sure that Todd has told you about the choir event in 2012, so it’s also fun to be part of that. I think the Lemurian Choir is going to be part of main discussion for the next year and a half. So I’m quite sure more information is going to come forward about what is happening, and why. So Kryon is saying to me now, "Why don’t you sit in the chair and shut up!"

Alright, let’s begin.

-----------------Kryon Channelling-----------------

Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. The transition is quick from the man in the chair who is just a man, to that which he allows me to be with him. I speak of this often and it is for your benefit that I speak of it, for I know who is here. What I speak of is that which the Human Being can do. Odd as it may look, esoteric as it may seem, the process before you (channelling) is based in physics. How can a Human Being take that which is his biology, his countenance, that which is his 3D corporeal reality, and meld it to something which is Divine, spiritual and which esoterically appropriate correct and proper in every way?

The gurus have shown you for years. They’ve shown you what is possible beyond 3D, and it’s no different than what you see now: A man sits in a chair and within seconds his consciousness steps aside. He doesn’t change; he doesn’t have to rearrange his cellular structure; he doesn’t even have to breathe deeply beforehand. Now, if it were a process, he would do all those things, but it isn’t a process any more than you raising your hand is a process. It is something natural. You wish to do it, and it just happens. Have you ever thought about that, the intent to raise your hand… and what that involves? You might say, “Well, I’m quite sure there’s a lot of chemistry involved in that”. Think about it for a moment, what happens in your brain when you raise your hand: Intent. Then everything responds and the hand goes up.

Channelling is similar, using an esoteric “muscle” that you would then rehearse and rehearse. Now you see the man before you who has rehearsed me (Kryon) for 22 years. He gives intent and I am here. There can be only one way for this to be so, and that is if I was there all the time! So inside you there is something called the Higher-Self and this Higher-Self exists in what you would call a portal... that which communicates to the Divine. It has even been identified in the layers of DNA that I have described to you, all of them with the names of God. Therefore the process of communications is set, rehearsed, and readily available… all the time.

In an energy that you have created on the earth at this time, there has never been a better process to learn than this, for suddenly it starts to make sense. You are open to it, and all those in this room are here to learn more about it. What else is there, what can you do? It is “Esoterics to the max,” you might say. So let us push the envelope, the physics of knowledge, and speak of these things in a way that perhaps you might not understand at the moment, but you will later.

The revelation is beginning to occur.

Let us first speak of Pineal Toning. Let us take it apart, and then let’s put it together. Let us see why it is what it is, and let’s identify what it does, what it’s for, and let’s us discuss what it’s going to do.

But first, I take you back to Lemuria… for some of you were there, not all, but many who are here. Yawee is the high priest. [Dr. Todd]. He is not the one who would lead you in spiritual ceremony back then. Yawee is instead, the Spin Master. And they named him that because he seemed to know a lot about atomic structure. The atomic structure that he knew about was about the spin of electrons, and the spin of electrons seemed to be germane to something he also was able to create: longer life. The spin of electrons actually created something else which we will get to in a moment. He was a specialist in quantum DNA.

Now, back in Lemuria they didn’t know about DNA; they didn’t know about biology; they had no microscopes; they had no tools like this at all. It’s a misnomer that Humans think that back then the ancients had all the tools and somehow these were lost. They did not have any modern instruments. Instead, they had something you don’t have today, but which you are re-learning: They had quantum intuition. This is to say they could see things because they were there, but not in 3D. They were entangled with science, that is to say the physics before them, they knew all about intuitively... doesn’t everybody? They were entangled! [being part of]. It was a confluence, you might say, of consciousness and physics. They knew how things worked.

Yawee was one step better. He was the “priest of life.” He lived three lifetimes longer than any normal Lemurian lived, he knew how it worked. Although it was so long ago, all of the things that he knew that were given to him, he practiced. This included the quantum intuition of being able to “see the spin” and actually generate in his mind, a picture of the double helix. All this has been imbued into his akash.

Now, we should just stop there a moment and say this is the way it works, Human Being: No matter what you’ve done, no matter who you are or what you’ve described as a past life, whatever you’ve learned becomes imbued into the akash and it stays there. Some of you can retrieve it if you choose, for it never goes away. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime it lays there, ready, to actually be received again, and used by you. You earned it.

Yawee is here today in the form of Dr Todd Ovokaitys, and in this new energy, before he ever came into the planet, he knew it was his turn to once again. If humanity came forward with an energy that was high enough, once again he would do what he had done before in Lemuria. For it was built into his akash, and ready to regenerate.

You might ask the question, "What about all those lifetimes and years between then and no? Who was he and what did he do? So again I will give you this: He was always medical, always. He wasn’t always a trained doctor, but always medical. This is the overlay in his akash, and this has always been his passion. Yawee came back this time and created a situation where school was not difficult. He excelled greatly in all of the things that he touched, [was interested in] to get to the place where he is now.

Some years ago, in my partner’s meetings, Yawee started to tone. My partner had no idea what it was. I, Kryon, jumped up and down, for it was happening, it was happening! My partner had no idea what to make of funny strange sounds that sounded like an airplane coming from Dr. Todd’s mouth.


"What is this?” I wondered? “Why now?” He named it Pineal Toning.

So let’s study it.

Yawee, you’re here, is that affirmative?

Dr. Todd: (Affirmative nod)

What does the pineal gland actually do?

Dr. Todd: The pineal is a receptor that integrates the daylight impulses into a signal that then integrates the rhythms of the body both daily and over great periods of time.

Kryon: How medical of you! So why would you call it Pineal Toning if it’s quantum? That seems non biological.

Dr. Todd: The focus on the pineal in this context is the notion of the so called master cell of the pineal, which is what I began to observe when looking for the solution to remove the so called eighth dimensional filter, blocking eight of the higher strands.

Kryon: What happens when you remove the filter?

Dr. Todd: it is the metaphorically lifting of the veil itself.

Kryon: And if the veil is lifted?

Dr. Todd: If the veil is lifted, the other-wise dormant strands come into function first and then the rest of them come into coherence.

Kryon: Aha! There is the word we were after! [coherence] Yawee knew something and so do you. You haven’t used that word because I’m not sure that you know what it really does. The metaphysical quantum coherence of the pineal energy creates a quantum transmitter…you knew that?

Dr. Todd: Yes… It is from the concept that the DNA is always transmitting and receiving.

Kryon: Metaphysically, what is the pineal called?

Dr. Todd: It has been called the gland associated with the crown chakra and enlightenment and has been called the blooming of the thousand petals lotus.

Kryon: So here we are with all the hints you needed. Notice that Yawee starts with the pineal tones in 3D in order to create that for you which is healing and extended life. One at a time they come to him and he presents them to you. Yawee is building a foundation for something grander and greater, which has now come to fruition.

Knowing intuitively from the past, he now slowly picks up those things from his akash that are building a toning house block by block. But he doesn’t even know the shape of it yet, or even where the door is. Still, he’s pulling in the building blocks one at a time… the things which he needs and remembers intuitively, one at a time, layer after layer after layer.

Okay, back to the transmitter, in a moment, don’t go away.

The pineal tone is that which is multidimensional but which is only hearable by biological Human awareness in 3D. Now, my partner didn’t do a very good job of that translation, so I’ll give him another chance... [Kryon telling Lee to give it another shot] These are new concepts, and my partner needs to go slowly here.

If you have an iceberg, the metaphor is that the tip which shows itself above the water is in 3D. But the major part of it under the water is metaphorically quantum [in other dimensions]. Let’s call that iceberg a pineal tone. But you have to remember what we have told you before: You are only aware of the tone in 3D the small tip of the iceberg. Therefore you could say that the tone really is being created with two parts for you: (1) the part which expresses sound in the air, that which is the throat chakra, and which is what you call a transmission of sound... and (2) The multidimensional part which is not seen, and which does something you didn’t expect.

Combined with divine Human consciousness, the multidimensional part of the pineal tone creates quantum communication. And there it is again, information from the moment I ever showed up as Kryon… when I told you about the power of intent. The toning will not work unless both parts are engaged [the 3D and the multi D] and in a crowd like this, you know that; for as you tone you shut your eyes. You then take the meditation posture, and you feel that which it does to your body. Each tone has a purpose, each tone was developed for health, and Yawee has given you information as to what it does. You feel it! But it’s doing something else you didn’t expect… it communicates in a way that will shock you.

Last year I gave Yawee a project, and now it blossoms and now it blooms and he is working it. The tones enhance humanity and they extend life if they are used properly, but there is more. If we were to start describing this... my partner, go slow... [admonishment to Lee that something is coming he has never heard before] it is about frequency modulation of multidimensional pair sets. More than that. Much more than that. The pineal tones are to be used, eventually in pairs. That is to say, one is supposed to be beat against the other… one is sung with the other at equal volume and intensity.

Then what you have is (1) that sound in the air, which is the tip of the iceberg, plus (2) a quantum consciousness of one group creating something which we will call a vibrational sonority, which is specific to the tone pairs. When paired with what is should be paired with, which is what Yawee knows best, it will create something you only suspected. The two of them together do something that one of them cannot. It’s far more than just the 3D compliment of open fifths. Much more. Now my partner, go slow.

In physics, you know something about 3D broadcast of signals. What you know is that there are certain kinds of broadcasting, whether it is in the air for audio or video or even that which you hear right now… being broadcast from this microphone to a receiver at the other room. [Lee is using a wireless microphone] In elementary terms there is often what we would call a carrier, which is like an magnetic bed that the actual audio signal can lay in. There is no sound to you without the carrier. So this wireless broadcast you are hearing really requires two parts: part one, the carrier; part two, the signal.

Now you know why you are doing it in pairs, Yawee. There is something going on here that absolutely requires the catalytic confluence of the pairing of the tones. What is going on is that when you combine them correctly, they talk [activate] the pineal. The pineal becomes a quantum transmitter that is entangled with the galaxy [becomes one with the galaxy]. That means that you are going to transmit something so that it can be received everywhere at once, no matter what the distance involved... a very quantum attribute.

It’s interesting about the DNA molecule, isn’t it? Let me ask Yawee, the Spin Master: Do you believe it is significant that the DNA molecule can actually choose to spin atoms in a certain direction?

Dr. Todd: That is a rather extraordinary new scientific realization, information.

Kryon: Well why do they call you the Spin Master if you don’t know it?

Dr. Todd: It takes a little while to remember everything.


Kryon: Here’s the point. Altogether. you have remembered you’re building a house that requires a foundation to be perfect, and when the house is complete it will be perfect. So intuitively, the Spin Master knows that DNA controls the spin of electrons in certain situations. The spin direction of electrons are necessary for you to build frequencies that you need for the quantum transmitter. The frequencies are not even describable in your physics because they are at a quantum atomic level [multidimensional in nature]. There have been few who have measured the frequencies of atomic structure. The spin directions within the atom sets up that which can be altered by DNA. It’s almost like programming a receiver. This begins to explain why DNA responds to the pineal tones. But there is much more.

This is not going to be available for your understanding, but I’m going to say it anyway because I’m giving it to my partner now: If you live in a black and white world and you look at atomic structure, which is in color, you only see that the nucleus is extremely far from even the first layer of spinning electrons. There is only empty space… and it doesn’t make sense to any of you. The black and white viewer sees empty space. But let me tell you that in that empty space there’s something blue which you can’t see [a metaphor Kryon is setting up that is unknown by science yet, but will be seen as relating to blue later] and that something is an attribute of multidimensional physics that has not yet been discovered. That something [in the empty space] is that which is responsible for the frequency modulation of the atomic spin itself. The blue can be tuned by spinning the atomic structure in a different way. If you could see in color [using this metaphor], it would glow! Therefore are you getting the picture? The “empty space” is the greater attribute of the atom, and (ready?) you can maniputate it!

So now you have two tones being sung together, which are starting then to alter atomic structure and it is addressing the pineal to do that. The pineal is then activated and it starts to transmit. Now… what is it going to be transmitting in pairs that it didn’t with a single tone? These are interesting things, are they not?

In Lemuria, once a year, on Dec. 21 [the solstice] Human Beings got together and they sung the 12 sets of pineal tones. They activated all of that which is in the pineal from all of them, and you had hundreds of Human quantum transmitters all going at once. Each one of them from a Human Being, put together something that one Human Being could not do... a mass consciousness quantum signal. And the signal was sent through the galaxy for anyone to hear, but, dear ones, there was only one set of ears listening. These were the seed planters, the seven sisters, the Pleiadians.

You might say it was calling home [Kryon smile]. And once a year the Lemurians, remembering those elders who planted the seeds of enlightenment on earth, and who lived among them from the start, were given a message to the home planet. It was a thank you for all of the years of their teachings, a thank you for planting the seeds that you and I know today as the divinity within your DNA. Once a year this message went out to say “we are well and thankful for all you did.” The message was “We are here, and we know who you are. We love you. We thank you for giving us these elders who still walk among us.

That message stopped some time ago, and hasn’t been given for a very long time. Now you are about to give it again, for the first time in more than 20,000 years.

It took 12 sets of pineals in order to "spell", if you want to say that, the myriad of frequencies that gave the message to the Seven Sisters. It only worked on Dec 21 in Lemuria [and in their time zone]. It doesn’t work in Australia at that time since it’s a day later! Only in Lemuria on Dec. 21. Indeed, Humans can broadcast from almost anywhere, but the truth is that there is only one place that it was ever done… Lemuria. The time center for the earth is there, not in London. [New Kryon information indicating that GMT or UT is only a product of culture and maritime designation, and not the true “center time” of the planet]

In 2012, that day represents the galactic alignment, which slowly moves the wobble of the earth [precession] through the equinoxes. It’s all there, and that’s when they listen. The profundity of this is they have not heard from humanity in 26,000 years… until now.

Yawee’s house will be complete in 2012. And for those of you who sit there in that energy and vibrate in that energy, I want you to feel it: that the pineal will be activated, the transmission will be sent, and there’s going to be a lot of rejoicing in that constellation called the Seven Sisters. It’s going to activate other beings on the planet who have been waiting for this, for this transmission says "We remember who you are! We remember who we are! We are ready move forward to do what we came for." What is that? We are planting the seeds of peace on earth so that this planet will eventually be able to foster yet another planet some day, as they fostered you and, in a quantum state, go somewhere else and begin to plant the seeds.

Here dear ones, you might say, "Say what? What is this all this about?" There is more coming dear ones, but for now see it all as a milestone.

Do you know what happens when you light a match in the dark? It illuminates darkness. Many can see, even if they don’t know where the match was lit. The Pleidians did it and now you’re doing it too, and you will let others do it in the millions of years left to you. Now, that’s a long time away and you won’t be around in this body… but you’ll be around! Because that’s what you do. Many of you have been part of the Seven Sisters test before humanity even began.

And so Yawee, SpinMaster, one half of the tone is a carrier and the other half is the modulator. And you know which they are. Use your intuition; don’t try to figure it out with your logic. You used the tones for more than three hundred years. They are ingrained in you, etched into your soul core, and they will be presented properly and appropriately.

Precise they have to be in order to create the modulations that are necessary to make the atomic structure spin the way it should within the DNA. You are looking at atoms rearranging the sonorities and similarities in order to activate quantum transmission and bring the coherence into focus. The first ones to hear it won’t be the Pleiadians in the Seven Sisters. It will be in a mountain called Shasta. That’s just a little thing I threw in to let you know they are still here.

The pineal was used in a very different way than anybody knows, and now you know. Used in pairs and in mass, it’s a quantum transmitter. No wonder it was seen the way it was metaphysically and spiritually.

Let these things come about so you’ll know that this is truth that you heard this day. Let things happen on the earth so you’ll know that it was truth you heard today. Let your intuition tell you this is truth, so that it doesn’t simply become New Age information in the wind. Let the reality of what is going on here in the room manifest itself in positive ways within the lives of those who sit here, and of the earth.

Dr. Todd: May I ask a question?

Kryon: Yes, of course.

Dr. Todd: As transmitters are also receivers, as this circulation of your electrons is recreated so that the transmission occurs, it also suggests that the receiver channel is also open. So is this a time also to anticipate that there would be a reception of information as well.

Kryon: The physics of it is true, that transmitters are also receivers but the differences in the polarity and the spins must be different for each attribute. So while you are transmitting you cannot receive. But when you are done transmitting, you might do something else in order to receive. You have not planned that yet. It is simple, it just takes a polarity reverse and two more sets of tones.

Dr. Todd: And that would, of course, also complete, in a sense, the current mathematics of higher dimensions.


That was also a question.

Kryon: Of course it will, for all interdimentional mathematics is in a circle. These are things that you know Yawee, and you know them very well. It would have occurred to you eventually. It’s easy and it won’t take much time. At the end of the 12, in order to celebrate what you’ve done, reverse the polarity and receive. And this is what everyone’s going to remember for the rest of their lives. Is there more?

Dr. Todd: That is great!

Kryon: And so it is