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Me: Well let me begin with my questions. What do you think about us humans, and do you fear us?

Bigfoot: We don’t fear you. It’s more or an agitation. We get agitated and irritated sometimes, but we’re not fearful. You should fear yourselves! The reason we get agitated and irritated is because it feels like an invasion of space. There’s not a lot of respect.

Me: No, there isn’t.

Bigfoot: People come out and “hunt for Bigfoot.” There’s not a lot of respect. Think about if one of your own kind set up a place in the woods and wanted to live there. Would you hunt for him and yell for him? You wouldn’t because that would be disrespectful. So why is it okay just because it’s a different species? Of course you’re curious, but why is there a lack of respect?

Me: Yeah. I apologize for our race. I really do.

Bigfoot: When people hunt for us, it’s not just the discovery; it’s also the desire to be the first. “I want to be the first to discover” or show, “Look what I captured!” Most of the time, we don’t want any part of that. We just want our solitude. We like being together—

Kim: He’s talking about traveling in packs.

Me: How large are your packs, usually?

Bigfoot: Small, Two to three.

Me: Are they family like mom, dad and kids?

Bigfoot: Most of the time, but our families are not like yours. Our families are small, and we don’t raise our children like you do. As soon as they become self-sufficient to feed and thrive, they’re cut loose but not cut off. We prefer a much different kind of existence when it comes to respecting the surroundings and respecting who’s with us, so typically, when we sense human energy coming around, we don’t want to be a part of it.

Kim: So, it’s like they transition through dimensions, I guess.

Me: Ah! That’s what Erik said! He said that’s why you’re so elusive—because you can cross dimensions. Is there another dimension that you call your home base?

Bigfoot: Naturally it’s higher.

Kim and I chuckle. We humans are lower dimensional peons.

Kim: He’s giving me—he keeps going up, so there must be more than one. Six, seven, eight. So they must be capable of traveling through multiple dimensions.

She asks him.

Kim: Yes. He says, “Yes.”

Me: Okay. Is one of them your main dimension and the other ones like vacation spots?

Kim laughs.

Kim: He’s giving me the number seven for the main hangout spot.

Me: Okay.

Kim: He loves your “vacation spot” comment.

Always nice to make a Bigfoot smile. How many of you can claim that one, huh? Let’s make bumperstickers. “Have you made your Bigfoot smile, today?”

Kim: It’s more of an entertainment thing. They transition through different realms for entertainment.

Bigfoot: We have the capacity to exist more in a state of calm, so it’s not that we need vacations. We don’t have habits and lifestyles that we need to vacation “from.”

Me: Well what is it that you like about the earthly dimension? What brings you here?


Me: What brings you to our humble abode?

God, how nerdy.

Bigfoot: Sometimes it’s curiosity and sometimes it’s to teach our younger ones. It is also sometimes to teach the human race a lot: to teach them about respect, to teach them about their curiosity and their self-trust. A lot of times, when they venture out into the woods, they don’t trust themselves in those moment, so they begin to call on those things outside of them. So there are a lot of reasons we come back and forth between dimensions. We like the feel of [your dimension,] the density, the physical touch of nature, the smell of nature, the dirt, the trees. To experience these in the physical realm is unlike any other experience. Experiencing nature in the physical sense is a pleasurable experience.

Me: What about the seventh dimension? Sorry I’m cutting you off. I have so many questions! I want to get through them all!

Kim: That’s okay.

Me: What is the seventh dimension like? What does it look like?

Bigfoot: There’s a lot more color involved, and everything communicates differently whether it’s plants communicating to each other or species like mine communicating with plants or each other. Communication is much different. It’s based on frequency and vibrations. There is less need for physicality when you’re in the higher dimensions. There’s this common understanding based on telepathy.

Kim: There’s this picture he’s showing me like everything understands everything around everything else based on the common understanding that flows through telepathy. It’s interesting.

Me: That’s the way you communicate with each other, too, huh? That was one of my questions.

Bigfoot: It is. We don’t have to use words; we don’t have to use language. Most of the time it’s emotional energy.

Kim: He’s talking about not even needing body language to communicate to their own kind.

часть 2

Bigfoot: Can you actually believe you’re talking to a Bigfoot? Did you ever think—

Me: No! I’m so honored, too! How do you change dimensions? What do you do to do that?

Bigfoot: Well, that’s all about your state of mind, your ability to—it starts with the mind.

Kim laughs about something.

Kim: I said, “I assume it’s a he,” and he’s like, “Yeah, I’m a he.”

We both chuckle.

Bigfoot: It starts with the mind. You see, our minds don’t race like humans’ do. Humans are thinking about a million things all at once, so your energy is spread thin. Your consciousness, your awareness is everywhere and in all those places you’re thinking about. We’re not like that. We’re very much “in the moment” types of individuals, and so we don’t worry about the past and the future. That allows us to connect to our mindset, change our vibration based on our thinking and alter ourselves into another dimension because all of our consciousness, all of our awareness, is here with us, not here, there and everywhere.

Me: So it’s very narrowly focused so you can project your consciousness easily into another dimension. Is that what you’re saying?

Bigfoot: Exactly. That’s why humans can’t do that. It takes a completely different spiritual DNA makeup.

Kim: Nomads?

Me: Well that’s another one of my questions. Are you nomadic? Obviously, if you’re flitting from one dimension to the next, that’s the quintessential nomad right there!

Kim: I guess so because he said, “That’s the difference between humans and nomads,” and he was referring to himself when he said that.

Me: Okay. Do you have some sort of spiritual purpose as a collective?

Bigfoot: Our collective spiritual purpose is that our existence is meant to teach collectiveness, to teach that calm and how to have all of you in one place, but we’re not limited to teaching our own kind. We can teach anything outside of us.

Kim: He actually said, “Dinosaurs!”

I could have had him elaborate, but I have too many questions left!

Me: Wow!

Kim (laughing): My mind is going places I never thought possible!

Me: I know! Of course you’re teaching humans that, too, right?

Bigfoot: Absolutely. Humans create ideas and thoughts because their minds will create a thought and run with it, so a lot of that can be false depending on what the mind creates. We don’t operate that way. We only exist in what we experience which is truth.

Me: Oh, I see.

Bigfoot: So there’s a whole different makeup between human understanding and human experience versus our understanding and experience of the world around us.

Me: So, are you saying that your thoughts are only centered around what you experience? Does that mean you don’t have any imagination?

Bigfoot: Partially, yes. Our thoughts are centered around the moment we’re in, and we take that moment, learn from it, and that becomes our truth. We can teach based on who we are and what we’ve experienced, but we’re not big on putting our ideas onto others. We’d rather let others experience for themselves.

Me: Oh, okay.

Bigfoot: We’re not big on giving others preconceived notions. Humans do that left and right!

Me: I know. Why are you so elusive? Are you kind of shy? It seems like you prefer solitude.

Bigfoot: We do prefer solitude, but it’s not out of shyness. It’s out of wanting to cherish our own inner space—knowing that your energy is very sensitive to a degree and not wanting—and having good boundaries. How about that? Let’s say it like that. Having good boundaries in place so that our sense of peace and sense of center doesn’t get disrupted by anything. So it’s not that we’re shy or don’t know how to communicate or don’t want to. It’s more of a self-protection mechanism.

Me: Okay. If you saw us, I mean, you would defend yourself if we tried to kill you, but do you want to kill us or harm us or even eat us and would you if we crossed paths? Be honest now! I won’t hold it against you. We’re kind of tasty, so…

Kim laughs.

Bigfoot: Being on Earth, being on the earthly plane and being perceived by humans brings on a whole different experience for us, emotionally. It does trigger deeper, lower emotions where we’re generally higher vibration operating individuals. But being in the physical realm, there is aggression. Aggression does come about, but it’s not geared to the humans. It’s out of protection. Think about the mama bear wanting to protect her cub.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Bigfoot: We just want to protect. So there’s definitely aggression that comes into play. Other lower emotions come into play when we’re visible to the human. As far as eating you, some of us may go as far as harming humans—

Me: Oh!

Bigfoot: There comes a point when you feel like your sacred space is being violated, and we’ll do anything we can to protect that, but as far as eating you goes, we wouldn’t go that far.

Me: So basically, [your aggression is] to protect each other, yourselves and your sacred space. Those would be the preconditions for harming us?

Bigfoot: Right, but we’d rather scare you off than hurt you.

Me: Yeah, well that’s probably easy to do!

Bigfoot: We’ve been given a bad name that we’re these awful creatures that are out to kill and hurt and eat.

Me (tenderly): No you’re not!

Bigfoot: It’s just a misunderstanding. We’re actually a lot smarter. We’re more intelligent than humans.

Kim laughs.

Bigfoot: And that’s misunderstood. So we’d rather scare you off than hurt you to get you to leave.

Me: Well Erik once told me that you look upon us like we’re pets like a cat or a dog.

Kim: Yeah, there’s no hierarchy, but it’s like he saying they’re more intelligent so they don’t bother with us too much.

Me: Okay, you know what? We’re going to close off here and make this Part One. When we come back, I want to start off talking about that famous photo of you—of one of you—and whether that’s a hoax—and other questions. I have so many questions to go through! So we’ll talk to you later!

часть 3

Me: There’s this one famous, iconic picture of you walking in the woods, and a lot of people have done a very detailed analysis of the photograph and some say it’s real and some say it’s a hoax. Who’s right?


Bigfoot: There are actually many pictures that do exist we have been captured on. We’ve been captured on videos and still prints.

Me: Was the one iconic one a hoax or real?

Bigfoot: No, it’s not a hoax. We want our existence to be known, but part of the reason we’re so elusive is that it’s so easy to misunderstand us, so it’s easier to be elusive than misunderstood.

Me: Well, maybe I’ll put this on all the major Bigfoot websites so people who are fanatics about Bigfoot can be educated. Would you like me to do that?

Bigfoot: That would be good because when people go hunting for or searching for Bigfoot, they go with aggression, they go with their guards up. If they approached us with respect and love and the desire to communicate and coexist, then we’d be much more likely to cooperate.

Me: Wouldn’t that be nice?

Bigfoot: But their intention is to invade our space and expose us so that’s why we make it so hard for them.

Me: There’s this video of one of you walking across a plain. It looks very real, and that’s the second most iconic one. Is that real? Is that you?

Bigfoot: That wasn’t me, but it is real. You know how everything is one and we’re all the same?

Me: Uh huh.

Bigfoot: It’s really fascinating because humans are so stuck on their own individuality that they can’t see they are all one, so they can’t operate as one, but we can. There is much more respect among our own species so we can operate as one. We have much deeper telepathic communication because we respect that we are one. If humans could do that, you’d be able to communicate telepathically with each other—understanding each other without having to use words.

Me: Can you imagine how the human race would evolve if we learned that from you?

Bigfoot: You would experience peace like you’ve never known before.

Me: Well, we have to hook up, man! We need to get together, and you need to teach us face to face! This needs to happen, and we’ll take one small step to making that happen, but oh, that’d be awesome. Now, I heard from a blog member that there’s a documentary—I can’t remember the name of it—where they actually caught a Bigfoot, put him in a cage—how awful—and then during the night other Bigfoots released and rescued him. Is that true?

Bigfoot: No.

Me: Yeah, it seems like it would be all over the news.

Bigfoot: This isn’t fair because it’s not true. Remember that our kind, our species, has the ability to transcend dimensions so we don’t stay in a place of fear like humans do that hold you in that dimension. It’s not part of our makeup, so it doesn’t make sense that someone caught a Bigfoot if they truly know what a Bigfoot is, their capabilities and what they’re about.

Me: Are Bigfoot, Sasquatches and Yeti the same, or are they different species?

Bigfoot: We all come from the same family. They’re different in, I guess you could say personality and characteristics like how humans are different, but we’re all the same in our type of existence.

Kim: What are some of the differences?

Me: Oh, good question.

Kim: Bigfoot, to me, out of all three, feels the most calm and peaceful, and then when I go to the Yeti, he gives me the feeling of much louder energy, almost obnoxious.

I laugh.

Bigfoot: Again, we’re all the same family. Sasquatches—

Me: They’re not the same as Bigfoot?

Bigfoot: The same family, yes, but Sasquatches are a little more aggressive. That’s where you see some of the aggression come out. It’s the same species, just different characteristics.

Kim: So why are there different names?

Bigfoot: Just because of their different characteristics.

Kim: Okay.

Me: Where in the world are you most prevalent?

Kim: He connects the Yeti to the western part of the world.

Me: Like where?

Kim: He’s showing me a map, and I see Utah, California, Arizona and beyond, westward.

Me: I thought they were like in Siberia or something, but I don’t know. I’ve never seen one.

Kim: When you said that, he said, “Sasquatch.” When you said, “I thought they were in Siberia,” he said, “Sasquatch.”

Me: So Sasquatch is more in Russia?

Bigfoot: Don’t think about it as Bigfoot vs. Sasquatch vs. Yeti in different parts of the world. Again, we’re all pretty much the same kind of being.

Me: Well, let me put it this way. Not dividing it into the three types, where are you, as a general rule, more prevalent—in what part of the world?

Bigfoot: India.

Me: India? Really?

Bigfoot: There is a lot of interaction [with us] in India. All of the surrounding countries and India are where the energy matches us the best.

Me: Oh, I bet.

Bigfoot: Israel. If you want to talk about the U.S., there are certain hotspots for us to come in and be caught on camera based on the energy not of the people but of the earth.

Me: So where would be one state where you’re more prevalent, for example?

Bigfoot: Ohio—

Me: Oh, where you are, Kim!

Kim: Yeah, listen if I freaking see a Bigfoot on my farm, I’m gone!

Me: Well you already have now!

Kim laughs hard.

Kim: I tell you what, if I see the manifestation in front of me, I’m going to probably melt into a puddle.

Me: Bigfoot, go visit her!

Bigfoot (finishing his list): Arkansas, West Virginia

I get the feeling that they’re all over. Many sightings have occurred in the Ozarks and the northwest, but those might not necessarily be the places they’re most prevalent.

часть 4

Me: Okay, how many of there of you guys more or less at any one given time, usually?

Bigfoot: How many do humans perceive at any given time?

Me: No, how many of you are there, period, on the average on the earth at any one given time?


Me: Twenty? A hundred? A thousand?

Bigfoot: Thousands.

Me: Oh wow!

Kim: Oh, this is making me shake, not because I’m scared but because he’s so intelligent feeling. It’s this mass sense of intelligence. It’s kind of like Abraham Hicks. It’s really strange.

Me: Interesting!

Bigfoot: People should respect what they think is negative or empty space because that’s where we are. We’re there. Although you might not be able to perceive us, your energy and actions still affect us. We hold responsibility on how we behave and how it affects our environment so if humans could do the same, can you imagine the difference it could make? There are thousands of us at any given time. Just remember that and walk with respect. Give more respect to your surroundings.

Kim: He just keeps repeating, “West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee.” He wanted to go back and answer your question about where they are, where they tend to hang out. That must be a great area for them.

Me: Okay.

Kim: It feels like home.

Me: All right. What is your lifespan, generally?

Bigfoot: In the physical, because we’re eternal, so I’m not sure how—

Me: In the physical, your physical body. How long does it last?

Bigfoot: Not as long as humans can last. We cap out around the 60s. Physically, we progress in age differently, more quickly. We can tolerate more. Our bodies, our skin can tolerate the elements more, but it does have an effect, physically.

Me: What do you usually die from?

Bigfoot: Sickness like poison—eating something poisonous—or infection.

Me: Okay. Is your society patriarchal or matriarchal?

Bigfoot: Primarily patriarchal.

C’mon, Bigfoot, I bet you guys get –whipped like human guys do!

Me: Okay. Are you monogamous?

Bigfoot: Let me explain that.

Me: Uh oh!

Bigfoot’s busted.

Me: Bigfoot’s a player!

Kim laughs.

Bigfoot: In our group, love is viewed differently than the way humans do. We see and understand that love doesn’t have limits. So, when humans get married, their love is limited to their spouse. Granted, they love their kids, but we’re talking about partnerships and intimate relationships. We don’t limit our love to one individual. It’s supposed to be boundless. If we feel the need to express our love to multiple Bigfoots, we will. We don’t limit it to just giving our love to one.


Me: Are you talking about sexual?

Bigfoot: Yes, intimate type of love.

Me: Okay.

Bigfoot: But all of our love is boundless. We even love others’ children as though they were our own. This far surpasses what humans are capable of. Sure, humans can do that. They can adopt, but we see ourselves as one. We see ourselves as the same.

Me: That makes me shiver.

Kim: Me, too!

Bigfoot: The love is absolutely boundless. It doesn’t get caught up on stereotypes and classes.

Me: And social rules.

Bigfoot: There’s such freedom without all that.

Me: Do you have any special family traditions or rituals?

Bigfoot: Not like you humans do.

Kim: As far as traditions or rituals, he resonates more with rituals.

Bigfoot: It depends on what we’re talking about. We have a ritual when we bring in new family members, when we change dimensions and even when we eat. We have rituals like you do, but they’re not the same. When we eat, for example, we slow down. Please don’t think that I’m criticizing humans—

Me: No, I want to learn so lay it on me, Bigfoot! I never thought I’d be saying that today. ‘Lay it on me, Bigfoot.’

I really should have asked him his name.

Kim chuckles.

Bigfoot: When it’s time to eat, when it’s mealtime, it’s very sacred. We take time to show respect and show gratitude [for our food.] We’re not eating and talking or taking our food and multitasking like humans do. We stop and give gratitude for that very meal that’s providing us with nourishment. So that’s definitely a ritual, a sacred practice.

Me: Wait, sorry to interrupt you, but since we’re on this subject, what do you eat? Are you omnivores? Carnivores?

Bigfoot: Meat. Now we do eat plants, but we primarily eat meat.

Me: Okay. Are there any other rituals you want to talk about?

Bigfoot: When we bring a new family member in—

Me: You mean a birth?

Bigfoot: Yes.

Me: Or bring someone in from another dimension?

Bigfoot: A birth. You humans—

Me: You humans!

Kim giggles.

Bigfoot (clearly not amused): You gather in as many as you can and show the whole world and announce to the whole world your new family member, and that’s great because you’re excited and you’re proud, but for us, it’s very different. We don’t like to announce it to the world. It’s a very sacred thing. It’s quieter and extremely private and intimate because we feel that if we have that intimate connection immediately without the rest of the world being involved or even the rest of our own pack, we can have a better effect on that individual’s soul as they grow.

Me: Okay. We’re going to have to go a little faster, I guess.

часть 5

Me: Do you worship any gods at all?

Bigfoot: One God. One Source. God Source that is the source of all energy and matter and makeup. We come from the Divine.

Kim: It’s so funny how he talks!

Bigfoot: We’re all one. We all come from the same God Source.

Me: So just like Erik says, you are like we are: whole and part of God or God Source, of All That Is?

Bigfoot: Yes, just expressed in a different way. We all come from the same Source, but that Source is expressing Itself in a different way through different species, different genders and that sort of thing.

Me: Okay, now, another ritual. First of all, when you die, do you bury your dead, and do you have some sort of ceremony like a funeral?

Bigfoot: We do bury. We bury a lot because we come a long way—

Bella starts barking at the trash men outside.

Me: She looks like a mini-Bigfoot.

Kim chuckles.

Bigfoot: When our loved ones die, we bury them in the earth. They belong to the earth.

Me: So you bury them on our earth?

Bigfoot: Yes. And when we eat, we bury [the carcass] too. The experience is very different when we die. We can get into that if you want. When we die and return to spirit form, it’s slightly different than what humans expect as they transition from physical to spiritual.

Me: Tell me, but briefly.

Bigfoot: We already have an understanding of who we are, a complete understanding of who we are. Our transition and where we come from is something we carry in our consciousness constantly. Humans separate from that very easily. So, because we are individuals who exist and live in the moment, we’re very aware of our transition, and we’re very aware of what’s happening. With the transition itself, there’s no need for explanation. Humans can go through shock—

Me: So it’s pretty much like walking through a door for you.

Bigfoot: Yes, the transition is very easy.

Me: Well why haven’t we found any of your graves?

Bigfoot: When we do bury on Earth—there’s not many—part of the reason you haven’t found [the graves] is because we don’t want you to. We will help you not find us because, again, it’s sacred to us.

Me: Sure!

Bigfoot: We don’t want our remains brought back up.

Me: Disturbed.

Bigfoot: Exactly. We don’t want them disturbed, so we will conceal them energetically. That’s very easy to do.

Me: Ah!

Bigfoot: We’ll help conceal so that humans—

Me: Like an invisibility cloak? Do you use energy to conceal?

Bigfoot: Yes. They’ve been close, though. Researchers have been very close, but we’ll do whatever we can to protect the remains of our loved ones because of the sacredness.

Me: Okay. All right, we’ll make this a stopping point. I have one more question before we go on, though.

I lift Bella up to the camera.

Me: What do you think, Bigfoot? A little mini-me version of Bigfoot or Chewbacca?

Bigfoot: Sasquatch.

Kim laughs.

Me: She’s a mini-Sasquatch, yeah, because she’s aggressively barking at the trash men.

I turn to face Bella.

Me: Aren’t you?

Bella licks my mouth.

Me: I know. I love you, too.

Kim: Aw!

Me: All right, guys, Stay tuned for the next part. Kim, thank you for this!

Kim: My pleasure!

Me: Mr. Bigfoot, thank you so much for hanging around, and we’ll continue the interview. Bye everybody.

Kim (waving): Bye!

часть 6

Me: We’ve been getting so many great answers from Mr. Bigfoot, aren’t we, Kim?

Kim: Yeah, and I’m shocked. I’m pleasantly surprised at his willingness.

Me: Me, too! I want to be his friend! I want to hang with Bigfoot. Let’s go get a beer after this, Bigfoot!

Kim: I want to learn! I want to learn.

Me: I know! You and me, go to the local pub.

Bigfoot: I’m with you.

Me: All right, good. That’s a promise. Now do you have some sort of government or laws?

Bigfoot: No. This goes back to the common understanding between all of us in our existence, the common understanding of who we are and where we exist, that understanding of the oneness and the telepathy that goes with that. So we don’t need individualism. The need for individualism then provokes the need for laws and regulations because then people start doing things that—

Me: People go rogue and do bad things!

Bigfoot: Exactly. We’re not concerned with that and the need to have an image, “This is me.” There’s no ego in our existence so there’s no need for the laws or for us to be governed because it’s a much higher existence within respect and calm. If humans practiced just the respect for themselves outside of any circumstance, they’d need fewer laws and regulations.

Me: Okay. Do you use some sort of money or do you barter?

Bigfoot: We do barter. We don’t have money like you do. Sometimes we’ll barter with food like meat. We also can barter with labor whether it’s helping each other move or build.

Kim: Build?

Me: Yeah, what do you build, and do you make and use tools?

Kim: When I asked him, “What do you build,” he showed me this huge nest, but it’s like their house. It looks like a giant, above ground beaver dam like sticks and…

Me: Okay. Wow. Do you live in the trees, then?

Bigfoot: No we stay on the ground. We don’t stay up in the trees. We can climb and get up in them, but we don’t stay there. So we barter based on our needs. It’s very similar to what humans do, but what we barter is much more valuable than money, the food, the labor.

Me: Sure. Well, let’s go back to tools. Do you make tools?

Bigfoot: We do. Most of the time it’s out of rock. Sometimes we make them out of wood, but that can be challenging. Rock is easier.

Me: What about fire? Can you make fire?

Bigfoot: We can. It’s much harder. Not all of us can. It’s more of an understanding of what the energy of fire is.

Kim: This is fascinating.

Bigfoot: So we can use tools and wood to make fire just like your “survivor men” would, but some of us can make fire with our minds just by understanding the energy makeup of it.

Me: Oh! “Start a fire with your thoughts!” That’s a movie quote from Talladega Nights. Sorry. I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash from interrupting, but I want to get these questions answered. So don’t be haters! Now tell me more about this nest-like structure that you live in. Obviously, you have to have some sort of shelter from the elements.

Bigfoot: We do. We build our structures from our environment, but they don’t last long.

Me: Well, you’re nomads, so…

Bigfoot: Right. If we do build a shelter, we disassemble it and return it to the earth out of respect. Oftentimes these are made from thick shrubs, sticks, branches and leaves, but they’re very temporary. We don’t build them to stay there. We don’t have the need to stay. So we disassemble them after we’re finished out of respect to the earth and show, “Thank you for the resources that we had for this time.”

Me: Do you build a roof or is it just an open nest?

Bigfoot: Yes, there’s a roof.

Kim: It’s like they just pile up shrubs and tree branches that kind of intertwined at the top to hold itself up. It looks like a tree hut.

Me: Do you use animal skins for anything like clothing or part of your dwelling?

Bigfoot: Not very often. Sometimes we’ll use animal skins for warmth after a birth. But if we do kill an animal, we use all of it. There’s no waste in any respect. We try to make sure we can use every part.

Me: What happens when you guys get sick? Do you have special roles like someone is the healer? Is somebody able to make medication from herbs and things like that?

Bigfoot: We’re a higher vibration anyway, so when we get sick, it’s pretty rare, but when we do, we understand the medicine that the earth provides us like the roots, things that come from the roots, etc. All of us have that understanding so it’s not like the females have that role only. So if one of us gets ill, if we know the cause of the illness, then we can find the Earth plant to heal us, but our energy is much more healing based on our vibration. If it’s energy healing we need, that’s much easier to come by just because of our type of existence.

Me: Other than that, are there any specific roles like certain Bigfoots that hunt, certain ones that look for berries and roots, some that build, or do you all participate in everything? In other words, is there a division of labor?

Bigfoot: No, most of it is shared. Sometimes the young will search for berries, but all the work is shared. It’s not divided up like it is with humans.

Me: Okay, now you have the power of telepathy, and of course I know humans have that power, too but we don’t tap into it. It also sounds like you know how to energy heal. Do you have any other powers that we don’t have? Oh, and of course transcending dimensions. That’s kind of a big one, too!

Bigfoot: If you want to call it a special power, we have a higher capability to understand the existence of things: why they exist and why we are existing with them whereas humans tend to combat that. They fight existing with certain people or certain things, even trees. There are a lot of humans that don’t respect trees. They’ll cut them down; they can’t coexist with them. So we have a much higher capability to understand all of existence, but as far as other powers, there are a lot.

Kim: He’s actually referring back to Erik.

Bigfoot: There are a lot that Erik has talked about. We have come of the same capability as [spirits] like knowing how energy works, using that to our advantage to keep our things sacred. It’s not out of trickery or anything based on fear. It’s out of love to keep our individuals sacred and hidden.

Me: So basically, you know how to manipulate energy to manifest things?

Bigfoot: Yes, and vice versa. We can manifest; we can make things invisible; we can move things without touching them, and the ability to manifest, for us, is just as easy as breathing. It’s like—

Kim: Uh, I don’t want to use that word.

She chuckles.

Kim: It’s almost like child’s play. It’s so simple to them.

Me: So, totally intuitive.

Bigfoot: That’s our main state of function, intuition.

Me: Wow, that’s pretty cool!

часть 7

Me: What do you for fun! Just give me one thing because we are just almost out of time!

Bigfoot: For entertainment, we build. It’s fun to build.

Me: Do you have any technology?

Bigfoot: We don’t need technology—

Me: Like iPads and iPhones! Just kidding.

Bigfoot: Our telepathy is our technology.

Me: Yeah, I wish we had that! Now, I know the answer to this, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Do you have wars, conflicts and weapons? Obviously, you don’t have wars and conflicts, but weapons, can you make a weapon to defend yourself against aggressive animals or human beings?

Bigfoot: Yes, we can and we have. Even rocks are weapons to us. We throw rocks as a warning. Large tree branches are also weapons for us.

Me: Do you have something similar to our human experience to experience, through duality, to understand all facets of love? Like we might understand the concept of hot, but we have to experience cold to totally understand it. Do you have anything similar to that?

Bigfoot: We don’t need that duality for understanding because the understanding already exists. Remember, Kim, that part when I made you feel like I was really intelligent? It’s because of a higher understanding of All That Is so we don’t necessarily need to incarnate like humans do and experience all dualities, all parallelisms to understand all facets of existence. We exist in the understanding already.

Me: So there’s no spiritual evolution going on with you guys?

Bigfoot: Our purpose is not to evolve like yours is. Our purpose is to remain in that constant and be it and teach it, and it’s a much higher vibration. It’s pure love.

Kim: His vibration feels like—I know it sounds funny, but whoever would have thought that Bigfoot feels like an angel to me!

Me: Ah, wow!

Kim: Because the vibration of his energy is so high. So much calm and respect and love.

Me: It must feel good to channel him.

Kim: It does. I feel very peaceful. I was nervous. You know, every time I do a session, I get nervous like, ‘Oh gosh, what are we going to talk about?’ But I feel good. I feel very calm. I’m one of those people who thought, ‘Who’s Bigfoot? What’s that all about?’

Me: Yeah, and now you know!

Kim: I’m grateful.

Me: When you die, Mr. Bigfoot, do you go to the same dimensional plane that we go to, that Erik’s in?

Bigfoot: Partially, to a degree. We can spend time there, but the different dimensional planes that you experience are based on your needs. So if you need to be re-patched or regrouped to bring your energy all back together if you’ve been through something traumatic, you’re going to go to an incubator, so to speak, for that to happen, but because of who we are and our existence, when we transition through these different realms, some of that we don’t need. We surpass them. We can go there and visit, but we don’t need it like humans do. We can certainly coexist, and that’s a lot of fun when humans come in and we can coexist with them. It’s never something they picture. They always think that they’d just be with humans.

Me: Yeah, that’s cool. Okay, I don’t mean this with any disrespect, but some people have reported this very strong smell [from you.] What is the purpose of that smell, and do you take baths?

How rude!

Me: You probably think we smell pretty bad!

Bigfoot: We do take baths. We have cleansing rituals, but they’re not nearly as frequent and not like yours. The reason for the odor is more of a protection mechanism to keep other species at a distance.

Me: Oh!

Bigfoot: It’s partially a manifestation. It’s not always a physical thing. It’s a manifested protection.

Me: So it’s not a physically produced odor necessarily. It’s something you energetically create and manifest?

Bigfoot: Exactly.

Me: Okay. What do you think about Erik?


Bigfoot: Erik is a great teacher.

Me (softly): He is. I’m so proud of him. Are you proud of him, Mr. Bigfoot?

After all, who wouldn’t want Bigfoot’s approval?

Bigfoot (leaning forward): I’m grateful because he’s teaching so many. He’s teaching them in a gentle way, though. He has this way of interacting with people in the way that they need it so that they don’t shut down to the spiritual world and have them open up instead. If certain kinds of spiritual individuals started to interact, people would react in fear and shut down, but Erik has a way of lifting people up first, and then he can interact. His teachings, the movement he’s creating with the spiritually-minded people should be marked. It should be documented. It’s a large movement, and many should be grateful for what he offers in his teachings.

Me: So, we should take him with us for that beer, don’t you think?

Bigfoot: He should probably have one or two.

Kim laughs.

Me (chuckling): He’ll probably have something besides beer! All right, Erik, do you have anything to ask Mr. Bigfoot?

Erik: If we’re going for a beer, I’m taking a woman!

Me: Okay, go ahead. Take Jillian.

Kim: It’s so sweet. He turns to Bigfoot, touches his chest and says, “How can we learn from you?”

Bigfoot: The best thing we can teach you is that there should be no fear. Don’t have any fear. Most of the time, fear is derived from not understanding yourself. Then you lash out with fear in other ways in your life. There is no reason for fear.

Yeah, I guess, since we’re eternal beings. What’s the worst that can happen to us?

Me: And [fear] separates us from the One, doesn’t it?

Bigfoot: It separates us from reality, and it separates us from the Source that created us. Also, respect all. Respect everything around you.

Erik (to Bigfoot): Yeah, but that’s so hard for humans. It’s easier said than done.

Kim: He’s trying to have this whole conversation.

Bigfoot: Just fear. Focus on not having fear.

Me: All right. Last but not least, what do you think about Kim?

Kim: Are we asking Erik or Bigfoot?

Me: I’m asking Bigfoot. I know what Erik thinks about you. He adores you!

Kim giggles nervously.

Kim: He’s laughing because I’m nervous.

Bigfoot: She’s gentle. She’s one who won’t harm anybody. She’s one who won’t intentionally create chaos or harm. She needs to—

Kim (chuckling): I love it when they put me on the spot!

Me: Uh oh! Poor you! Sorry!

Kim: That’s okay.

Bigfoot: She needs to have faith in herself and grow in her confidence without ego, but I think she’s sweet. She’s kind and gentle.

Me: She is sweet!

Kim (laughing): Thank you.

Me: Any last words before we close, Mr. Bigfoot?

Bigfoot: Thank you for this opportunity. I feel you’re giving me the opportunity to be correctly understood. So thank you on behalf of all of my kind. Thank you.

Me: You bet. I hope we do you a service and clear up some misconceptions, and I really have a lot of respect for you. I’m so honored that you were able to share this information with us, and hopefully we’ll talk again!

Bigfoot: We will. Thank you.